A+ Google+ Guides and Tips Roundup

by claire on July 12, 2011

Google+ is out and growing.  Mashable wrote a post this morning that G+ is about to hit 10M (probably since has). @MrGaryLee thinks this feat is a like saying “China is the fastest consumer of rice in HISTORY“.  So be it.  Will it overtake Twitter? Facebook? Redeem the lackluster of Buzz?  As a Web marketer, how can you utilize it?  I’ve gathered up some of the earliest and best posts on Google+ that are worth a read.

Check ‘em, give ‘em a +1 if you like, add the authors to your circles, and let me know if I’ve missed any gems:

  1. 40 Google+ Tips for Newbies by +Travis Campbell
  2. How to Make a Google+ Desktop App by +Christina Warren for Mashable
  3. Robert Scoble’s List of Tips for Newer Users of Google+
  4. Google+ Tips for Business Owners by +Jason Sadler for Huffingtonpost
  5. Google+ Tips and Shortcuts by +Andrew Shotland – Great list of extensions and other tips
  6. Google+ Tips and Tricks Facebook Should Use by +Tony Bradley for PCWorld
  7. Top 10 Tips on Google+ for Photographers by +Thomas Hawk
  8. 10 Google+ Tips for Beginners by +Kristin Burnham for CIO
  9. 20 Google+ Tips, Tricks and Hints by +John Brandon for TechRadar
  10. Ultimate Google+ Tips and Tricks by +Harshad Sawant
  11. 10 Google+ Tips to Get You Off to a Good Start by +Deb Ng
  12. 10 Google+ Tips You Should Know About by +Tony Hue
  13. Google+ Tips and Tricks by +Janet Fouts
  14. 10 Practical Google+ Tips for New Users by +Tony Hastings

I want Google+ to organize my circles for me…. interface is cool, but definitely time consuming!

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