102 Tips, Tools & Tweets from PubCon 2009

by claire on November 15, 2009

Here’s 102 tips, tools and tweets to summarize takeaways from PubCon 2009.  They’re in no particular order, but to make it a little more fun to scan, I’ve added a color code:

Tips – Gray
Tools / Resources – Purple
Tweets – Blue

  1. @DerrickWheeler you know it was a good night when you wake up in hotel hallway at 7:30am #pubcon
  2. For 404s, try doing an overlay that users close, instead of a custom 404 page (Jill Sampey).
  3. @bruceclay if u link to URL A in multiple spots on a page, & nofollow any link to URL A, all links nofollowed.
  4. For seasonal content, use constant urls – don’t orphan pages (Jill Sampey).
  5. @leeodden: Last year #Pubcon spent $75k promoting conf, This year spent $0, used Twitter (via @btabke) #socialmedia
  6. Create a microsite that’s satirical/comical and unbranded, then when u have good traffic, add brand and consider 301 redirect domain back to host domain. Example: Leroy Smith for Nike.
  7. @msdanielle Create reputation mgmt dashboard bit.ly/repdash from Michael Gray #pubcon
  8. Try to get double listings in the SERPS, they convert better.
  9. Topsy – Twitter search
  10. Due to block analysis in the algo, in-body content links have 10x the power.
  11. Just because Matt Cutts says you shouldn’t do something, maybe you should.
  12. @klintoe: Balmer (Bing) is committed to get 51% of Search market (quote from #pubcon) – nice goal! Will they really Bing it?
  13. Prune your content – keep it up-to-date and fresh.
  14. @lyndseo: 10% of your advertising budget should be spent on analytics & tracking @cknoch #pubcon
  15. Image indexing and understanding the text within images is happening – Video and audio are in the works. Get these things on your site. (Bruce Clay)
  16. @btabke: PubCon quote of day: @graywolf The first LinkBait was when Moses came down with that Top 10 List. LinkBait is not going away.
  17. Keep eyes peeled for image xml sitemap, coming soon from Google (Bruce Clay)
  18. @seoadvice: Try 2 link anchor text for same page – test nonsense word – try both and nofollow one and test ranking #PubCon #SEO
  19. Google maps spam is rampant – they’re working on it (Matt Cutts)
  20. @andybeal: 50 million people worldwide have tried to start an Internet business–96% have failed @bobbrisco #pubcon
  21. The 10-pack is now the 7-pack for Google Local.
  22. @janetdmiller OH MY GOSH. So tired. Starbucks let us down today. #pubcon
  23. Local phone numbers and non-privatized registrar information may help in Google Local.
  24. 800 numbers won’t help in Google Local, but they also won’t hurt.
  25. Social Mention attempts sentiment analysis.
  26. Accentuate the positive – linkbuild to reviews in order to boost rankings above the bad and protect your reputation.
  27. For landing pages, keep your forms above the fold with as few questions as possible.
  28. @Williet: Use search to stand out, use social media to build loyalty. #pubcon
  29. Do not use your homepage as a landing page.
  30. Use knowem.com to get your brand’s username.
  31. Test, test, test – what works for one, may not for another.
  32. @neyne: send stupid reconsideration requests in competitor’s name #pubcon
  33. Keep users prisoner and only allow one option may result in greater conversions.
  34. Give users navigation choices may result in greater conversions.
  35. MajesticSEO has temporal link analysis.
  36. @brianpcombs “Reject paid links because they’re not the highest ROI activity.” @randfish #pubcon
  37. You can’t jump people further down in the buy cycle when they’re in research phase.
  38. Admit that your baby is ugly (Tim Ash).
  39. Usertesting.com offers usability testing for $29
  40. Must-try usabilty analytics tools: Clicktale Crazyegg
  41. @davereynolds_UK: 2010 is the time to speed up your site… do it now or be left behind – web standards around the corner #PubCon
  42. Create social media accounts and build links to them to push out the bad stuff.
  43. Try wildfireapp.com for facebook apps.
  44. Use the facebook friend suggest tool to find friends to build your fans.
  45. @DavidWallace: @aaronwall “60% of searchers have no idea what a sponsored link is or not (search engine links).” #pubcon
  46. If you use footer links, try to vary them on every page to avoid block analysis devaluing (Aaron Wall).
  47. If Matt Cutts is not in the site review panel, it’s ok to out your competitors for spam.
  48. @andybeal: 56% of page views on the web are to user generated #content! @bobbrisco #pubcon
  49. Paid blog reviews can be difficult to upkeep as a linkbuilding strategy because they start on the homepage then lose value as they get pushed off by newer posts.
  50. @jakebohall: #pubcon If you want in dmoz.. find an editor on twitter and ask.. dmoz username is same as twitter username
  51. Try operator: site:.edu “keyword” to find .edu sites for links
  52. @leeodden Linking to known spam sites will definitely hurt you on @bing
  53. Read O’Reilly’s Information Architecture for the World Wide Web book.
  54. Better late than lousy. (Ted Ulle)
  55. Don’t let your IT department write copy.
  56. Read Elements of Typographic Style.
  57. Remember CRW: Canonicalization, Robots.txt, Webmaster tools
  58. Read collaborative work between Rand Fishkin, Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Jessie C. Stricchiola, The Art of SEO.
  59. A shaved head is fair punishment for someone else’s spam.
  60. .htaccess is the traffic cop; whereas, robots.txt is the bouncer. (Michael Martin)
  61. Try card sorting when trying to figure out your architecture. (Lindsay Walker)
  62. Use content stacking to get code in this order: <body>, <h1>, content, related links, navigation (Scott Polk)
  63. Sneaky linkbuilding trick – find a site search that is being indexed and search for your url with <a href= and then link to the search result, so that it will be indexed and give you a link.
  64. @schachin: Social media. Not about candy, unicorns & how democratic the internet is.. Bout who u know & what you pay them via @oilman lol! #pubcon
  65. Don’t monetize posts right away – wait a couple weeks, then add the ads (Aaron Wall)
  66. Affiliate sites are ok, but you have to add value or Google won’t like you.
  67. Use the file extension to reduce directory depth (Scott Polk)
  68. File extension is not so important and makes it harder when redesigning code – php to asp, etc. (Lindsay Walker)
  69. @markmedina: man, majesticseo.com totally got pimped at #pubcon. I’ve heard it mentioned in at least 4 sessions.
  70. Socialize and find ways to get noticed – you may find yourself speaking at the next PubCon, like Aaron Kronis and DK
  71. Quarkbase got a few mentions.
  72. Banned? Check GWT dashboard or do site: no links = banned (Michael Stebbins)
  73. Not indexed? Check for stupid mistakes, like disallows in robots.txt or robots tag.
  74. @blastam: If your landing page call to action is not obvious, you’re losing money! #pubcon (via @tim_ash )
  75. Don’t fix your banned site and get it reincluded, then go and redo the bad stuff again (Michael Gray).
  76. Even if your domain registrar info is privatized, there are ways to find out the owner of a site, including Adsense and Google Analytics IDs, same email addresses and street addresses.
  77. @eclairebears: U don’t want to look like a drug dealer picking people up at the PTA meeting, says @graywolf re: linking good sites w/ bad & sharing adsense
  78. Don’t go into crazy ex-girlfriend detail when submitting a reinclusion request (Michael Gray)
  79. When buying a domain, check archive.org for any funny business that might give you problems. (Roger Montti)
  80. Create a spreadsheet from the links listed in Google Webmaster Tools to see if you have a healthy spread of links.
  81. Think you’re in a bad neighborhood? – LinkVendor has a tool to look for shared sites with reputation issues.
  82. If you have multiple sites banned and use the same template, submit reinclusion with one domain first, then others after first is accepted.
  83. Build quality site first then monetize around it – don’t build a site around monetization (Matt Tuens)
  84. Marketmotive.com/free-tools/
  85. Look for social sites that allow you to paste HTML into your profile for links (Look at what the pills, poker and porn people are doing to find them)
  86. Advertise on your competitors’ sites through adsense – find out how much traffic they’re getting (Michael Streko)
  87. Content is still king
  88. Confession letter – check Todd Malicoat’s (stuntdubl) presentation for example.  Give the reason why the site has value. Be honest and admit to what you did wrong.
  89. @maxchirkov: TUI – twitting under influence. (#Pubcon) <- there seemed to be a lot of this going on…
  90. Find niche forums on boardreader.com (Michael Streko)
  91. Don’t place ads in upper left column of your site. (Aaron Wall)
  92. @msdanielle: Code.Google.com/speed to get ideas on how to speed up ur site @mattcutts #pubcon final session
  93. Link Adsense to Analytics to see keyword data of what’s making you money.  Then export keywords and run rank checker. (Aaron Wall)
  94. Create your own products by looking at your advertisers on your site – if someone is selling ebooks on your site (adsense), create an ebook yourself that is better. (Aaron Wall)
  95. Social Media Monitoring tools – Trackur, Radiant6, Visible Technologies, Brandseye
  96. Use allinanchor: operator to search for competitors. (Matt Siltala)
  97. @tonyadam: Finally, a good use for twitter lists…follow lists around employees of a company…nice tip @andybeal#pubcon
  98. Domaintools.com/registrant-alert/ and /mark-alert/ to look for email addresses of company and find out when they register a new domain (Andy Beal)
  99. Look at who’s first to submit your competitors’ content to Stumbleupon, Digg, etc. and who’s voting on it – befriend them
  100. Who’s Talkin – Social media search from Joe Hall
  101. Steal your competitors’ links – Use incompetence to your advantage – “you’re linking to this site and it’s poorly written, misspellings, etc. Link to us instead.” (Michael Streko)
  102. Gravitystream, Wordstream, Opencalais, Google Social Graph, Omgili, Woopra are just a handful of the crazy-long list of tools in Jon Henshaw’s presentation from the Tools session

Which of your faves did I miss?  Leave a comment or send me a tweet:

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Quelques Idées à Retenir de Pubcon 2009
November 17, 2009 at 2:52 pm

{ 10 comments… read them below or add one }

Hiren November 15, 2009 at 10:58 pm

Hi Claire,

Thanks for head up put all imp stuff together. I am willing to experiment that “2 link anchor text for same page – test nonsense word – with nofollow” stuff.


SEO Doctor November 16, 2009 at 6:24 am

Great list, Pubcon was just too far from the UK! Tweeting post for u.

DazzlinDonna November 16, 2009 at 1:00 pm

Best list I’ve seen in a long time. Great for kick-starting the idea part of my brain. I needed that. Thanks! :)

Carrie Hill November 16, 2009 at 1:04 pm

I must hae missed the session where they said:

Due to block analysis in the algo, in-body content links have 10x the power.

Do you have a source for that tidbit?

Thanks! Great Post!

claire November 16, 2009 at 1:26 pm

Hi Carrie,
Sorry, I’m not positive – I think that was either Bruce Clay or Aaron Wall – but it was a theme mentioned a couple of times regarding block analysis and footer links or nav links that are the same on every page not having the same juice. The 10x would’ve been a postulation and not a provable number, but definitely something to consider.

Michael Martin November 16, 2009 at 3:22 pm


It was good to meet you, “D Money”, & “Dimples” at PubCon.

I saw you put my robots.txt bouncer & .htaccess as the traffic cop quote from my SEO Design panel, but you forget to mention Android’s 2nd Birthday Thursday which Matt Cutts also announced at the Mega Session.

Hope your feet & liver recovered from PubCon!

,Michael Martin

claire November 16, 2009 at 3:33 pm

You crack me up, Mike! Way to get your plug in there and avoid my Spam filter! It was great getting to hang with you too.

claire November 16, 2009 at 4:01 pm

Tweet from @jennifergosse- “The greatest happiness can be achieved by working/living towards a purpose greater than yourself (@zappos).” True dat!

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